What Eats Termites

If you are talking about termites, the question of what eats termites may come up in the conversation.

The reality is that many creatures on planet Earth have an appetite for these little wood destroying critters. In fact, you may be very surprised at the list of some of the animal kingdom’s most ravenous termite eaters!

Many types of lizards have an appetite for termites as well as other insects. In the desert especially, a large variety of lizards feed on termites. The next time you see a lizard, think about all the good it does to get rid of one of nature’s pests!

Another animal that eats termites is the Asiatic black bear. That’s right, a big black bear has the appetite for termites! In fact, this type of bear has evolved with paws suitable for reaching inside termite mounds to acquire a tasty snack.

The aardvark, or anteater, also devours termites. People usually believe that these creatures only eat ants, but this only a myth. Aardvarks have the uncanny ability to dip their snouts into a termite mound and make quick work of thousands of pesky termites. It is estimated that the aardvark can eat over ten thousand termites in a single day!

The numbat, a striped marsupial that lives in nature’s strange paradise – Australia – can eat up to twenty thousand termites in a single day! These strange looking animals are somewhat nocturnal and their patterns of behavior partially mimic the habits of termites.

There are a variety of ants that will eat termites if they come upon them. In fact, this war between insects can be particularly violent as a menacing group of ants can devour an entire termite colony.

What eats termites? Above are some of the creatures that do, but there is one more entry. The last entry is the monkey’s rice pot. No, it’s not some kind of monkey. It’s a plant! Native to Sumatra, Borneo, and Malaya, this carnivorous plant secretes a substance that draws termites into its clutches.