Truffles Harmful Pests

Are you familiar with truffles harmful pests? A truffle is a type of fungi that grows beneath. If you’ve never seen a truffle, you would be fascinated by these little, hardy, clumps that resemble small rocks and chunks of dirt.

Truffles in some areas of the world sell for hundreds of dollars per pound. They are usually dug out of the ground using a rake and are often found by trained pigs and dogs that can sniff them out.

Since they are so valuable, it is obvious to see why there is a concerted effort by truffle seekers to reduce pests that feed on truffles. One of the major pests that eat truffles are called voles. The small creatures are normally dark brown in color and resemble mice.

They are found largely in the northern hemisphere. Voles are active throughout the entire year and are experts at foraging. If you think that you may have a vole infestation there are a variety of ways you can limit their access to truffles.

First, try to keep as little food in the area as possible. If you have a food source for them, the voles will most likely be attracted to it. These truffles harmful pests can also be impeded by barriers that you can set up. The most successful kinds of barriers are usually made of metallic materials or glass. You can also set up traps that will eliminate many voles from eating truffles. Standard mouse traps can work, and it helps to put many of them in the area you want to protect. One of the ways to draw them into the traps is by using some kind of take the substance, like peanut butter, as a type of bait. In addition, keeping the natural predators of voles in your area can also help. Cats, particularly, are adept at hunting down these truffles harmful pests. There are also chemicals you can put down that will kill voles. If you want to find more information about how to handle these truffles harmful pests you can explore many web sites dedicated to the eradication of voles and the preservation of truffles.