Salt Water Pests

Is your salt water aquarium filled with salt water pests? If you have seen little white objects growing on the walls and decorations inside your aquarium, then some kind of pests have infiltrated your delicate ecosystem.

If you are wondering how salt water pests getting to your aquarium the answer is simple: they hitchhike on the creatures that you have purchased for your aquarium.

Aiptasia anemones are one type of salt water pest that you should get rid of as soon as you possibly can. Once they become entrenched in your aquarium, they can be difficult to get rid of. In addition, they can harm your collection of tropical marine life. In order to get rid of them, the best method appears to be to inject them with lemon juice.

Bristleworms are another form of salt water pasts. These worms are lightning-quick and can cause a significant amount of damage to any aquarium. Furthermore, bristleworms have an unbelievable appetite. They seem to enjoy everything on the menu and do not discriminate from one type of food to the next. The bristles on their bodies are toxic to many forms of sea life. They also possess the ability to bite, and if not kept in check, can breed out of control. If given the chance, a bristleworm will attack fish much larger than itself.

There are many other types of salt water pests. If you own an aquarium, you should make sure to investigate the little creatures you see swimming around that you were not responsible for bringing in. Since many forms of marine life can adapt, you should check their growth and ensure the safety of your aquarium. Furthermore, there are many resources available on the World Wide Web that deal with how to eliminate salt water pests.

Being particularly aggressive predators, they may even eat small fishes, if an opportunity presents itself.
For these reasons preventing these destructive worms from accidentally getting into, or removing them when found in a saltwater aquarium system is recommended.