Truffles Harmful Pests

Are you familiar with truffles harmful pests? A truffle is a type of fungi that grows beneath. If you’ve never seen a truffle, you would be fascinated by these little, hardy, clumps that resemble small rocks and chunks of dirt. Truffles in some areas of the world sell for hundreds of dollars per pound. They […]

Salt Water Pests

Is your salt water aquarium filled with salt water pests? If you have seen little white objects growing on the walls and decorations inside your aquarium, then some kind of pests have infiltrated your delicate ecosystem. If you are wondering how salt water pests getting to your aquarium the answer is simple: they hitchhike on […]

Pesticides Use Awareness Signs

Pesticide use awareness signs are absolutely necessary because, for the most part, pesticides are toxic chemicals. When pesticides are sprayed, they are out in the open, and it is unsafe for most, especially for children and animals, to encounter these potentially noxious substances. There are many different types of signs that are used. Depending on […]

Pest Beetles In The Home

If you have pest beetles in the home, you should look into getting rid of them as soon as possible. Beetles have a high reproductive cycle, and a small infestation can turn into a major problem in a short amount of time. There have been cases where tens of thousands of these disgusting little bugs […]

Opposition To The Pesticide Notification Law

Many states across the nation have enacted a pesticide notification law and the surprising thing is, that are some people that have expressed opposition to the pesticide notification law. You would think that since this law has been put into place to protect the public that people would be thankful and grateful to the politicians […]

Indiana Beetle Pests

There are many Indiana beetle pests that are causing damage to the local ecology. It is interesting to note that many of the beetles that are causing damage are not native to the United States of America. They have been imported and released into the wild either intentionally or by accident. Beetles can cause damage […]