Pest Beetles In The Home

If you have pest beetles in the home, you should look into getting rid of them as soon as possible.

Beetles have a high reproductive cycle, and a small infestation can turn into a major problem in a short amount of time. There have been cases where tens of thousands of these disgusting little bugs have been found in basements and attics. Oftentimes, beetles can gather inside walls, ceilings, and even living spaces.

While beetles can bite, they are also capable of producing a nasty scented yellowish substance that can discolor a variety of surfaces. If there are an extensive amount of pest beetles in the home, the smell can become unbearable. Furthermore, many people are allergic to the substance produced by beetles. Allergic reactions can range from mild to severe causing a variety of symptoms including respiratory problems and skin reactions. Even if you are not allergic to beetles, you should watch properly if you come into contact with them.

There are steps you can take before pest beetles get into the home. Any potential openings from the outside should be caulked preventing these bugs from entering your home. If you have large screen in areas, inspect them to make sure that there are no openings. Furthermore, there are a variety of insecticides that are adept at keeping beetles at bay.

If you have pest beetles in the home, you may have to use other methods besides chemicals to handle the problem. If there are bunches of beetle carcasses strewn about, this will give other insects and pests a perfect food source for which they will more than happily enter your home. Again, it is important to make sure your home is sealed and that pests cannot enter. However, since beetles are attracted to light, there are black light traps that have shown effectiveness in many homes.

Another way you can deal with the problem is by vacuuming as many of these critters up as you can. Since they produce that nasty smelly substance, if you use your vacuum, you should make sure you clean it after you are done with it. If you have any more questions about pest beetles in the home, you should contact an exterminator near you.