Opposition To The Pesticide Notification Law

Many states across the nation have enacted a pesticide notification law and the surprising thing is, that are some people that have expressed opposition to the pesticide notification law.

You would think that since this law has been put into place to protect the public that people would be thankful and grateful to the politicians who have passed the law. While there are some people that are pleased with the law, there are others that see it as a nuisance.

If you spray pesticides, you have to in some way alert people to the fact that you’ve used harmful chemicals in or around your property. For some people this is a major nuisance because they have to go out and purchase specialized signs that warn about potential danger.

This is especially true for pesticide companies who continuously spray chemicals. In fact, the majority of the opposition to the pesticide notification law has come from the pesticide companies themselves.

Why do many pesticide companies feel that the law is unnecessary? Public documents indicate that pesticide companies believe that their chemicals are not as harmful as the signs will lead people to believe. In addition, there has been some controversy over how long the signs have to be out and how much warning has to be given ahead of time. Pesticide companies do not think is fair that they have to undertake this added burden. There have been several attempts to lobby politicians on this issue, but it seems that the public is winning out.

If you are interested in learning about the pesticide notification law in your state, conduct a search on the World Wide Web for various resources pertaining to the specifics behind the law in your state. Opposition to the pesticide notification law may seem completely irrational on the surface, but in the context of business, it makes perfect sense for the pesticide companies.