Indiana Beetle Pests

There are many Indiana beetle pests that are causing damage to the local ecology. It is interesting to note that many of the beetles that are causing damage are not native to the United States of America.

They have been imported and released into the wild either intentionally or by accident. Beetles can cause damage to trees, infest homes, and present a health hazard to people who are allergic to the substance they secrete.

The Japanese beetle has been found in Indiana, and it has no natural predators. This is why there are strict rules about bringing insects from one area of the world to another. However, due to the amount of intercontinental travel and cargo containers these precautions are often unsatisfactory.

Once a particular type of beetle gets into an environment and survives it can be calm and expensive problem to fix. Sometimes there is no answer to the problem.

Another type Indiana beetle pests is the flea beetle. This beetle attacks tomato crops and can cause extensive damage to production of tomatoes. There are also beetles that attack products like cornstarch, rice, cereal, cornmeal, and more.

Since Indiana is part of the breadbasket of the United States these products are produced in abundance and provide an abundant feeding ground for various types of beetles. The beetles that are usually the culprits behind attacking these products by the merchant grain beetle and the sawtoothed beetle.

Another type of Indiana beetle pests is the Indiana bark beetle. This type of beetle can cause damage to many varieties of trees. If you have trees in your property and you wish to protect them from infestation you should look into different treatments like advion cockroach as that will save your trees from these Indiana beetle pests.

If you want to find out more information on the impact of beetles in Indiana you should search the World Wide Web. There are many resources that will lead you to a better understanding of Indiana beetle pests.