How to drive away mosquitoes: how much it lives and why it stings you

Their buzzing torments you. They’re attracted to you and they won’t leave you alone. If you don’t know how to keep the mosquitoes away, it’ll be another summer until the last bite.

Every year, the common mosquito and the tiger mosquito arrive on time. They can be annoying and irritating, but they can also turn into vectors for viruses and diseases that are dangerous to humans: one bite from an infected mosquito is enough.

Temperatures above 20 degrees, humidity and water stagnation are the mix of conditions that sustain the life cycle of the mosquito. There are seventy different types of mosquitoes, but only the females of 10 species are responsible for the bite that has elected these insects to the role of antagonists of your summer.

So, the evening in the garden by candlelight becomes a triumph of lemongrass. Sprays, more or less poisonous, flood the rooms of your house and, irritated by the itching of the bites, your days are filled with only one question mark: how to keep away mosquitoes?

Let’s try to understand how to prevent, fight and keep away these insects that sting defenceless children and turn us into jugglers with a dustpan hunting mosquitoes.

How to keep away mosquitoes: which species can you encounter and how much they live

The mosquitoes you encounter in the first warm days of spring are those that survived the winter. Yes, not all mosquitoes die as temperatures drop and autumn arrives. Many of them find refuge in closed environments, such as cellars and garages: patients wait to return to action.

Let’s shake off some myths, see their habits and try to figure out how to keep the mosquitoes away.

The mosquito belongs to the order of Diptera and in Italy there are two species that we all know: the “common” mosquito and the tiger mosquito.

The common mosquito

The scientific name is Culex pipiens and is present on Italian soil with two species: the mosquito Culex pipiens pipiens and the Culex pipiens molestus.

Definitely less showy than the tiger mosquito, the Culex pipiens is brown in colour and does not exceed 7 mm in length. It moves away from the place where it lays its eggs only a few tens of metres and moves in the evening and at night, sneaking into houses for its hunting trips. It needs blood to acquire the necessary proteins to lay its eggs in water stagnations rich in organic substances, after fertilization.

Its natural habitat are the under-pottings of the plants which in summer decorate balconies, terraces and gardens, but also bins and any container in which water stagnates.

The common mosquito feeds on sugary substances; hence the legend that mosquitoes prefer to sting people with sweet blood.

In fact, it is the carbon dioxide emitted as we breathe that allows it to detect us. That’s why it annoys with its buzzing sound as it flies close to your head when it’s about to bite you.

In summer, in just 6 or 7 days, the mosquito goes through the phases of its life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Each female mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs, you’ll understand how easy and quick the infestation of your house or garden is.

The Tiger Mosquito

The origin of this species of mosquito is Southeast Asia and it arrived in Italy in 1990 through the trade of used tyres. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. The stagnation of water in the tires marketed in our country has allowed the entry of the Tiger mosquito. Today, the Aedes albopisctus, this is its scientific name, has adapted so well that it is widespread throughout the country.

The life cycle of the Tiger mosquito is identical to that of the common mosquito, and it shares with it the water stagnations for laying its eggs. Active even during the day, very aggressive, you can distinguish it from the common mosquito because it reaches even 10 mm in length. It has a black body with white streaks on the head, chest, abdomen and legs.

The Tiger mosquito stings birds, reptiles and amphibians, but it prefers to attack the man, causing swelling and irritations even very annoying. It lives in open spaces where there is prevalence of shade, but adapts quickly to the habitat where it finds its preys more easily.

Unfortunately, the Tiger mosquito is very prolific and can lay up to 450 eggs for 7 reproductive cycles. Its presence can turn into a nightmare and finding remedies against the tiger mosquito will not be easy.

How long do mosquitoes live?

The answer is not easy, because in Italy there are several species of mosquitoes. Therefore, a lot depends on the environmental conditions in which they live. We can say that the common mosquito can live from a minimum of 12 days to a maximum of 4 weeks, depending on the temperature of the place. Female mosquitoes live longer than the male, which dies after mating.

The life cycle of mosquitoes is therefore quite short, except for some species, such as the tiger mosquito. How long does a tiger mosquito live? Some specimens can last a few weeks longer than the common mosquito, but the real danger is their eggs. In fact, they can withstand the winter while waiting to torment you the following summer.

How to chase away mosquitoes and some taboos to debunk
To drive away mosquitoes is a desire we all share. We want to live our summer moments of relaxation without the torment of their buzzing and the itching of stings. There are different solutions, from natural insecticides to skin spray repellents.

Unfortunately, to the common mosquito and the tiger mosquito, there are other species of mosquitoes present in Italy. So, not all mosquito remedies will be effective and a mosquito pest control service is always the ultimate solution if you want to get rid of them.

How to get rid of mosquitoes: 3 easy DIY methods

We do not recommend opting for solutions involving chemical insecticides, because they could also be harmful to humans. Therefore, we recommend remedies to keep mosquitoes away from natural mosquitoes.

How to repel mosquitoes with essential oils and diffusers

The essential oils give off a smell that stuns mosquitoes and inhibits their nervous system. So, diffusers of lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint or lemongrass essential oils will help you. Of course, their duration is short and you will need to apply them frequently, but they are a useful natural mosquito repellent for rooms.

Do-it-yourself mosquito repellent

Without using commercially available products, you can create your own repellent by diluting the essential oils in almond or avocado oil. Applied to the skin, it is an excellent way to nourish, moisturize and create an effective barrier against mosquitoes.

How to repel mosquitoes with grandmother’s remedy

Among the anti-mosquito products, this remedy is a tradition that perhaps many have forgotten, but it helps you keep mosquitoes away. Take a paper bag and fill it with lavender, then put it on your bedroom bedside table or on the windows. The smell of lavender annoys mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can use vinegar as a natural room mosquito repellent, although its smell is not appreciated by everyone, especially near the beds.

Remedies against mosquitoes: 3 legends to dispel mosquitoes

The problem of mosquitoes is so acute that, over the years, it has given rise to several attempts to find remedies. In this way, however, many legends were born. Today, we’re going to brag about three of them.

Plants against mosquitoes

You might think that there are also plants to keep mosquitoes away, but they are an urban legend. Plants of geranium, basil or lemongrass are not very distracting to mosquitoes, so they are not so effective.


Another legend has it that bats are formidable allies against mosquitoes. In reality, these mammals, which are already struggling to find their place due to the constant urban changes, can do little against mosquitoes.

Some people are immune to mosquitoes

How many times have you heard an acquaintance of yours say mosquitoes don’t bite him?

That’s a wrong statement, because mosquitoes, although attracted to those with more intense sweating, don’t really make distinctions. Simply, some people are lucky enough not to notice them because they have no skin reactions, such as itching and irritation.

Immediately disinfestations: the definitive solution to keep mosquitoes away

Natural remedies can help you temporarily alleviate the nagging mosquitoes, but if you want to enjoy wonderful evenings in the garden with your friends, you should opt for a mosquito pest control service.

Our team will act with discretion and speed to rid your home, garden or business of flies and mosquitoes. You will no longer be bothered by that buzzing sound that makes you suddenly jump and you will not spend your evenings itching.

We will give you all the advice you need to prevent a mosquito infestation, such as the good habit of emptying saucers of flowers and plants: a natural place where water stagnates.

Moreover, we can offer you a professional service for the installation of mosquito nets for doors and windows: the first real defence against the intrusion of insects and small invertebrates. Sliding or fixed, we have the right solution for your home.

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