Different Types of Pest Control

With the many different types of pest control on the market, it can be overwhelming for a consumer to choose the right one. Pests range from small insects like ants and silverfish to larger vermin like mice and birds. In any case, pest control can be tricky, so if you don’t get the results you need, it is best to call in the professionals.

Once you figure out what types of pests are bugging you, you need to decide on a method of attack. For larger household pests, like rodents, traps are the most popular option. A growing trend is the use of live traps, which allows you to catch and release the animals. Other trap options include sticky pads and the traditional mouse trap.

With smaller indoor pests, poison may be your best bet for eliminating the problem. Be careful, however, if you have small children or pets in the home. Soaps and oils can also be used, both indoors and outdoors. These products work by clogging the insect’s pores so it cannot breath and preventing breeding.

For a more Pest Control natural approach, many products made from organic ingredients are available. These products may not kill the pests, but they repel, so your pests will leave and not come back. Terro liquid ant bait is a good preventative control method.

If your problem is based outside the home, be very cautious as to what chemicals pesticides you use, so that you will not infect drinking water or kill the plant and animal life you do want in your garden. A better solution to outdoor pest control is to use a biological method. There are many different types of pest control within this category, but some include sterilization (removing all plant and animal life from an area complete to eliminate the pest and then replanting) and providing alternatives (for example, building birdhouses in nearby locations to lure birds away). They simplest method of controlling outdoor pests, and the most environmentally-friendly, is to introduce other animals into the food chain. Simply put, it you have mice, get a cat.

Homeowners should always practice common sense with using any form of pest control. If you cannot fix the problem within a few weeks, professionals are best to take charge of the problem. By choosing the correct method from the many different types of pest control, however, homeowners can eliminate pests on their own, saving time and money.