How to drive away pigeons and other birds

Moving pigeons and other birds away from the roof or balcony of the house is one of the modern problems. Progressive urbanization and diminishing natural habitats are driving these weevils to colonize urban, industrial and commercial environments. Pigeons and other birds can be vectors of dangerous diseases communicable to humans. They also represent direct damage […]

What To Spray For Termites

If you have recently discovered termite infestation in your house or wish to prevent a termite problem, you should learn what to spray for termites. The world of termite control is rapidly expanding. With the production of homes reaching an all-time high, there is more need for termite control services than ever before. Before you […]

What Eats Termites

If you are talking about termites, the question of what eats termites may come up in the conversation. The reality is that many creatures on planet Earth have an appetite for these little wood destroying critters. In fact, you may be very surprised at the list of some of the animal kingdom’s most ravenous termite […]

Ultimate Pest Control

If you are looking for products or services involving pest control, you can find pest control ultimate at many different sites all over the World Wide Web. One of these good sites has posted a useful review about best ant trap indoor. Read this review if you’re looking for Best Ant Killer. There are literally […]

Truffles Pest Management

Truffles pest management is an important aspect of keeping valuable truffles from being eaten by pests. Truffles are type of fungi that grow underground. They have been proven to have a type of sexual attractive quality in some animals and research is ongoing to include them into cosmetic products. This may be one of the […]

Truffles Harmful Pests

Are you familiar with truffles harmful pests? A truffle is a type of fungi that grows beneath. If you’ve never seen a truffle, you would be fascinated by these little, hardy, clumps that resemble small rocks and chunks of dirt. Truffles in some areas of the world sell for hundreds of dollars per pound. They […]

Treat My Own Termites

If you live in an area populated by termites, it would benefit you to learn how to treat my own termites. If you didn’t know already, termites are the construction scourge of the insect world. These little destructive critters can destroy many materials including wood, paper, books, wall insulation, and even some electronic gadgets. If […]

Termite Treatment Microwave

Termite treatment microwave. No, we are not talking about gathering up all your neighborhood termites and putting them in a microwave safe dish and hitting the power button. Microwave technology has penetrated nearly every home in the United States of America. But in discussing termite treatments, however, a relatively new approach is to use microwaves […]


Termite control experts in Waikanae, New Zealand are buzzing—and they are not the only ones. Recently found in the area were the termites reputed for being the most destructive dry wood termites, the West Indian dry wood termite species. The insects were actually discovered in a single house near Wellington—where they apparently have been living […]


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, more popularly known in India as the Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and otherwise known as BMC, has been reporting stunning losses in its file and record rooms that are already presenting a good many problems to tax-payers in the Mumbai area. The BMC is the richest municipal […]

Termites Washington State

Termites can exist in many areas of the country including termites Washington State. Termites are no laughing matter for if they get into your structure they can cause extensive and expensive damage. In addition, termites can also damage trees and destroyed entire sections of pristine forests. In a state like Washington, nature is very important […]


As already mentioned before on this blog, the termite pretreatment is a termite control method that is applied prior to the completion of a structure that is being constructed at the time of application. In a pretreatment, termite control chemicals (or pesticides belonging to the class of chemicals specifically termed termiticides) are applied to specific […]

Salt Water Pests

Is your salt water aquarium filled with salt water pests? If you have seen little white objects growing on the walls and decorations inside your aquarium, then some kind of pests have infiltrated your delicate ecosystem. If you are wondering how salt water pests getting to your aquarium the answer is simple: they hitchhike on […]

Pest Inspections in Michigan

Pest Inspections in Michigan have been growing in popularity over the years. The fact is that as more homes are being built there is a greater chance of having an infestation. It is just a function of the law of probabilities. Pests, however, do not care about math and logic. They are there to breed […]

Pesticides Use Awareness Signs

Pesticide use awareness signs are absolutely necessary because, for the most part, pesticides are toxic chemicals. When pesticides are sprayed, they are out in the open, and it is unsafe for most, especially for children and animals, to encounter these potentially noxious substances. There are many different types of signs that are used. Depending on […]

Pest Control Marion County

In the middle of Florida, pest control Marion County is constantly at work defending property and crops from infestation. Florida, as a whole, is mainly a swamp. The climate in Florida is conducive to a wide variety of insect pests. Termites, ticks, beetles, mosquitoes, ants, and many others thrive within the state of Florida. In […]

Pest Beetles In The Home

If you have pest beetles in the home, you should look into getting rid of them as soon as possible. Beetles have a high reproductive cycle, and a small infestation can turn into a major problem in a short amount of time. There have been cases where tens of thousands of these disgusting little bugs […]

Opposition To The Pesticide Notification Law

Many states across the nation have enacted a pesticide notification law and the surprising thing is, that are some people that have expressed opposition to the pesticide notification law. You would think that since this law has been put into place to protect the public that people would be thankful and grateful to the politicians […]

Indiana Beetle Pests

There are many Indiana beetle pests that are causing damage to the local ecology. It is interesting to note that many of the beetles that are causing damage are not native to the United States of America. They have been imported and released into the wild either intentionally or by accident. Beetles can cause damage […]

Different Types of Pest Control

With the many different types of pest control on the market, it can be overwhelming for a consumer to choose the right one. Pests range from small insects like ants and silverfish to larger vermin like mice and birds. In any case, pest control can be tricky, so if you don’t get the results you […]