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Not sure if you have this information, but many of the After Action Reports for HMM-162 are filed under HMM-163 in the Texas Tech Vietnam Archives. This may be old news to you. I just happened upon it.


Case in point:

Dick Trundy and Ross Plasterer flew several missions at the end of March 1965 that are filed under HMM-163.

Search http://www.virtual.vietnam.ttu.edu for HMM-163 and go to 173 page document of 16 March 1965. Several HMM-162 missions are listed there.


I am also having trouble ascertaining whether H-34 Bu.No.150570 was assigned to HMM-162 or 163. Was it YS-7 or a YP-7.


Also, what was the HMM-162 call sign from the 1965 era?



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