Pre-Vietnam "64-65"


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Like, What Do You Want Dipshit?-Buzz Braceland What The Shit Do You Mean My Clothes Are Too Tight?-Tom McDonald Gambling? Whose Gambling?-Williams, Johnson, Manfield and Friends Another Beautiful Sunday Morning In The USMC-Riley, DD Collins and Silva
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Don't Point That Camera At Me Boy!-Tupper, Dubrey, Frye, Seiders, Col Curtis and The Old China Hand Hey! Why Am I The Only One Out Of Focus?-Whitesides, Smedley Butler and Baby Chuck Modesty Was Never My Strong Suit-Dave Bautsch Mr. Clean, Mr. Cool, Mr. Squared Away-Bill Eller
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Another Day At The Office-Dave "Bumbie' Bumbaugh, Charlie Daw and Billy Rayborn If Your Mothers Could See You Now-?, Kamakowiwoole and Blake Still A Lean Mean Fighting Machine-Dave Bautsch We Only Had One Beer And That's The Truth-Larry Silva and Richard Slack