Pre-Vietnam "64-65"


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Boys Night Out-Jim Brady, Jerry Hugenard, Obie O'Brien, Fred Rowland and Conrado Jacquez We Will Be Buddies Forever-Johnnie Idland and Mike Tharp Learning To Play "Go Fish"-Elmer Dubrey and Dave Bumbie Bumbaugh Weve Got To Get These "Kids" Under Control-SgtMaj. LaBaron, Gunny Tupper and Robbie Robertson (OOD)
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Another Saturday Night with No Date-Larry Silva, Roy Burke, Richard Slack, Paul Skinner and Harold Romero A Dog Is More Trustworthy Than A Girl-Whitsides, Slack, DD Collins, Skinner, Thomas and Fitch I Figure We Can Take All Of Their Money-Pete Angle, Scheinoha, Monk, Oates and Roberts Roy Burke Returning From Liberty
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There's No Place Like Home-New River Barracks The Colonel and The Troops-Riley, Fitch, Col. Curtis, DD Collins, Thomas and Eller BonJour, I Can Speak French Too-Ron Calfee, Col. Curtis and Harold "The Barber" Romero Barracks Ready For Inspection Sir